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Workflow and Business Process Management

  • WorkFlow Management is a fast evolving technology that is increasingly being exploited by businesses in a variety of industries. Its primary characteristic is the automation of processes involving combinations of human and machine-based activities, particularly those involving interaction with IT applications and tools. Although its most prevalent use is within the office environment in staff intensive operations such as insurance, banking, legal and general administration, etc, it is also applicable to some classes of industrial and manufacturing applications. (source: Workflow Management Coalition)
  • Benefits of Workflow (source: Staffware)
    - improved organizational efficiency
    - gains in productivity (between 40 and 60 percent)
    - improved customer service
    - increased customer retention
    - enhanced process control and reporting
    - increased ability to adhere to internal and external regulations

  • Workflow-based Integration of E-Business Application (source: Oracle)
  • A Workflow solution incorporates three basic phases: (source: Staffware)
    - Mapping
    - Modelling
    - Managing
    - Mapping is the first stage in the adoption of a Workflow solution and involves the crucial task of revealing and recording all of the manual and automatic internal business processes of an organization. From there, the organization will begin to develop a modelthat will help to streamline internal processes whether they are a person-to-person, person-to-application, or application-to-application interaction. Once the business process model or architecture has been developed, it is ready to be seamlessly integrated across the enterprise. The implementation of a Workflow solution will not only provide significant business benefits as mentioned above, but it will also enable managersto better forecast and manage their projects and personnel, resulting in a more efficient and effective organization.
  • Research Area
    - Workflow Modeling
    - Workflow Management System
    - Tools for Workflow-based Enterprise Applications
    - Workflow Application Area: e-Government, e-Learning, e-Business

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