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uEngine: Extensible Workflow Management System

  • Today's e-commerce environments composed of networked applications, i.e. Web services, require an adaptive workflow management, which enables complex coordination among wide variety of business resources as well as keeping pace with the agile technical enhancements. However, concurrent workflow architecture inherently lacks in their adaptability and flexibility to support these requirements. Under the dynamic and flexible property of SOA and the openness and CBD properties of J2EE architecture, the uEngine provides several innovative features like 1) dynamic inter-organizational process integration, 2) Universally accessible Resource Management, and 3) plug-in style incremental development of Workflow Kernel covering all the phases of Design, Deployment, Execution, and Administration/Monitoring of business processes. The uEngine provides full modules of a workflow management system: Graphic Process Designer, web-based Administrator and Workitem handler. The uEngine is developed on top of J2EE and Apache Axis.

  • Features

    - XML based Process Variables: u|Engine have a XML-type system for process variable declaration and assignment. It provides a basement for Web Service composition and the universal resource management.
    - Dynamic web service activities: number of web service descovery, role binding, invocation and receive activities allows highly applied internet business design.
    - Universal Resource Management: a universal perspective of business resources: IT resources and human resources are represented with an endpoint URI and email address, respectively. This simple resource addressing promotes the universally accessible (or reusable) resource management.
    - Block-based workflow design: it makes you easy to design and view your business process without inconsistency.
    - Javabeans styled activity component: when you need some new type of activity, you simply write a subclass of 'org.uengine.kernel.Activity' with highly abstracted language, and locate them into the specific folder. Then, u|Engine would automatically provide the belonging facilities like design(property setting dialog), monitoring, process instance persitency. This systemic support can be achieved by the Javabeans styled component declaration and Reflection APIs.
    - Automatic Workitem handler generation: By the features of XML-type system, u|Engine can get the meta information for generating User Interface from the XML schema of output process variable. It excels the productivity of work item application development.
  • Screen shots

[u|Engine Process Designer]

[u|Engine Administrator]

[u|Engine Workitem handler]

  • Environment

    - J2EE Container: Tested in JBoss 3.2.1 only but you can modify the deploy descriptors to fit in your own WAS.
    - Web Service Stub generator/Container: e|Engine works well with Apache Axis for Web service stub generation, XML binding generation and process service deployment.
    - JMS(Java Messaging Service) Provider: e|Engine initially uses the JBoss MQ, which is integrated in JBoss by default.
    - Database Server: e|Engine employeed the Entity Beans as persistence mechanism. So, you can employee all the DBs provided by your WAS. u|Engine initially tested in the Hypersonic (open source database).
  • Free Downloads | Project Information

    - This project is submitted to under GPL open source license
    You can download and apply u|Engine to your business today freely, either you can participate in this project. Click here to u|Engine's open source project page

    (c)Copyright u|, 2003

adaptive workflow management, object-oriented frameworks, Web service, resource management, resource management, organizational resource, role, resource resolution

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