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uEngine: Extensible Workflow Management System
The growing popularity of web services provides a new opportunity for enabling new ways of system integration and interoperability, which are needed to meet the needs of global e-business. We proposed an extensible workflow management architecture based on web services and object-oriented techniques. The proposed architecture contains three components, the Open Kernel Framework, the Universal Resource Manager, and the Process Definition Publisher. The uEngine is an workflow management system of agile adaptability that can help extend workflow systems with new features dynamically such as new workflow patterns or new process semantics, new workflow resources, and even new process languages.

Universal Resource Management Framework
Implementing business process solutions in the way of Web service is being positioned in the center of workflow management. However, there is no robust standard to expose and access workflow resources by Web service interfaces. The Universal Resource Management Framework(URMF) is a web service based workflow resource management framework with declarations of web service interfaces and interaction protocols among them. A substitutive workflow interface model employing Web services and URMF is introduced with a prototype implementation model of URMF with J2EE platform.

SOAF Object Framework (In Korean)
Recently, large-scale enterprise information systems are commonly based on the multi-tiered middleware or frameworks to support such requirements like functional reuse, heterogeneous system resources, and multiple platforms. However, these multi-tiered or distributed multi-platform architecture incurs the interoperability issue of the components and metadata among the middleware. The Simple Object Application Framework (SOAF) supports heterogeneous resources and platform-independent component based development, with the abstract programming style of the object-oriented frameworks and the XML-SOAP based component persistence mechanism.

adaptive workflow management, object-oriented frameworks, Web service, resource management, resource management, organizational resource, role, resource resolution

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